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Don McKenzie

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Don McKenzie. President & Founder. McKenzie Government Consulting


Navigating the Federal Acquisition process is complex and sometimes a daunting challenge for both new and experienced Government contractors.    McKenzie Government Consulting is here to help your company develop a strategic roadmap for successfully navigating your federal acquisition journey.

Whether you are a small or a large business, providing engineering services to building ships for the Government, we can help you.  Here at McKenzie Government Consultants, we are experts at understanding the federal contracting environments and want to help your company successfully manage the layers of regulations and oversight so that you are free to focus on your core mission.  Here are just some of the services we offer.  If you don't see what you need below, please reach out and we can work with you to customize a plan that meets your needs.

Services to assist contractors during the pre-contract phase:

  • Assist with setting up a new accounting system.
  • Assist with drafting policies and procedures.
  • Evaluate the adequacy of a prospective accounting system.
  • Review proposals for RFP/RFQ/FAR part 15 compliance.

Services to assist contractors with contract compliance after award of contract:

  • Review/assist in the preparation of your incurred cost proposal.
  • Review/assist in the preparation of your CAS Disclosure Statement.
  • Review/assist in the preparation of your response to the DCAA Contractor Information Survey.
  • Perform mock DCAA/Contracting Officer audits:
  • Labor floor checks (DCAA MAAR 6) to ensure your company meets the regulations.
  • Material Consumption reviews (DCAA MAAR 13) to ensure your company's compliance.

NAVSEA/SUPSHIP surveillance audits to ensure you get a clean report.

  • Perform facilities or labor utilization studies prior to a DCAA audit

Services to assist contractors during a DCAA audit and/or Contracting Officer Resolution process:

  • Review/assist in preparing a system demonstration in response to a DCAA request for a pre-award accounting system survey, post award accounting system audit, or a business system audit.
  • Identify/implement solutions in response to internal control deficiencies identified during a pre- award accounting system survey, post award accounting system audit, or business system audit.
  • Review/assist in preparing responses to DCAA RFIs (Requests for Information) during audits.
  • Assess DCAA identified non-compliances. Our services can range anywhere from helping you understand what the audit findings mean to fully implementing corrective actions and providing responses to DCAA.
  • Assess circumstances related to a cited internal control deficiency/business system noncompliance. We can help you (1) defend your existing policy, (2) modify your existing policy to be compliant, or (3) create new policies that will bring your systems into compliance.
    • Assist you in any identified CAS compliance issues, including:
  • Making appropriate corrections to disclosure statements that were identified as noncompliant.
  • Assessing the identified noncompliance and strategizing an approach to make corrections.
  • Preparing a general dollar magnitude (GDM) for CAS deficiencies in response to an ACO request.
  • Develop a response to a DCMA corrective action requests (CAR) and help implement the solution.
  • Develop a response to Contracting officer final determinations (COFD).
  • Develop a response and implement solutions to NAVSEA/SUPSHIP surveillance audit findings.
  • Represent your company during the DCAA/Contracting Officer compliance resolution process.

Other services

  • Research federal contracting issues and strategize approaches to address those issues.
  • Work with your legal staff where litigation is anticipated.

** We have over 135 years of combined DCAA experience, we are the experts in this area and can customize our services to meet your needs.  We are successful when our clients are satisfied, please contact us and let us get started helping you today.


What Clients Are Saying

"I  worked with Don when he was a Senior Executive at DCAA and now that he is President of MGC you cannot find a person more knowledgeable on Government Compliance. We will definitely continue to use his team's services."

Warren Stoker- Chief Compliance Officer- Major Defense Contractor

“Working with Don and his team has been a pleasure and the results were astounding. The MGC Team has been a huge asset to our firm”

Langley Holland - Contractor Marketing

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